Technology must be like oxygen: Ubiquitous, necessary and invisible

I still remember when my lecturer said that by the time the technology advanced, everything around us will be computerized. And now, we call that thing as “Ubiquitous Computing”

It’s 05:00 in the morning, I hear alarm from my phone, then I turned it off. I open my phone and click one button to turn off my Air Conditioner and bedroom lamp. I, again click one button to turn on the TV in my living room. I go to the living room, while then suddenly I hear a sound from my coffee maker just start to boil my coffee. No need to wait for long, my coffee is ready. I started to yell “Alexa, do I have any appointment today?” and a woman voice start talking “You have 2 appointment today, at 9:00 and 18:00”. “Alexa, please turn on my car”. Then I go to bathroom and get ready for the day. I leave my house at 8.00 and all the unnecessary electrical thing in my house turned off by the time the gate closes automatically.

Above story is one of many illustration of how ubiquitous computing looks. It tells that almost every time in our daily activity, involve computers (or digital technology) in it. Not only computer in form of PC or Laptop, but embedded computer devices that may not be pictured as a computer at all.

The first time I create my own Wi-Fi controlled switch from ESP8266 is when I was in high-school. I didn’t really know about Ubiquitous Computing or IoT (Internet of Things) before, but I know how it works.

I will tell more about Ubiquitous Computing and IoT in my post later. I planned to create a smart classroom in campus too that may involved all of my classmates too. I am sure it will be an interesting projects to do and may give the real picture to everyone on how actually Ubiquitous Computing looks like and how easy it is to make.

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